Most Wins by a Coach in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

This spring the Stanley Cup will be hoisted by another champion. It’s the most recognized trophy in North American sports. It’s arguably the most celebrated and time-honored tradition: the ceremony that takes place on the ice after a team wins the NHL championship.

Below is a list of NHL coaches with the most games won all-time in the Stanley Cup Finals as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021. Please note that the rankings may have changed since then.

  1. Scotty Bowman – 223 wins
  2. Toe Blake – 82 wins
  3. Al Arbour – 79 wins
  4. Joel Quenneville – 76 wins
  5. Dick Irvin – 66 wins
  6. Mike Babcock – 57 wins
  7. Jack Adams – 52 wins
  8. Punch Imlach – 49 wins
  9. Glen Sather – 48 wins
  10. Hap Day – 46 wins

Scotty Bowman stands at the top of the list with an impressive 223 wins in the Stanley Cup Finals, earning him the most victories by a head coach in NHL history. Toe Blake and Al Arbour also had substantial success in leading their teams to victory in the Finals, securing their positions among the top three coaches. The list includes other esteemed coaches who have made significant contributions to their teams’ success in the pursuit of the Stanley Cup.

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